Originally from farmland in northern Vermont, Heather Platt moved to Los Angeles in 2008 after many years of eating her way through Manhattan restaurants while studying acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  While pursuing her thespian dreams she landed a front-of-house job at LA’s most beloved restaurant, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne’s Lucques. Quickly, her dreams changed and all she could think about was what to cook next. Heather has cooked professionally for Lucques and Lucques Catering and writes The Dish Hack column for Los Angeles Magazine. She is a contributing writer and photographer for LA Weekly‘s Food and Drink section. Her recipes have been featured in Bon Appetit and she is a contributing writer and photographer for We Like LA, The Infatuation and  Cooking With My Kid.

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8 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Steve Platt (Heather's Dad)

    Anna and Heather, Three More Big Bites is fantastic. I am not a cook…but I love to eat….and your recipes, pictures and……loving descriptions of home are great. Keep up the good work.!!


    • Hello,

      My name is Nora Landis-Shack and I work for Bon Appétit Magazine. We’re currently compiling a “Best-Of” feature for chickpea salad recipes and we would love to use an image from your blog of your Easy Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (featured on Cookingwithmykid). Could we have access and permission for your best high-resolution picture at 646 pixels? If we’re permitted, whom should we credit the photographs to?

      Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

      Nora Landis-Shack


      • HP

        Hi Nora,
        Thanks for the interest in my photo. Is there an email address at which I could contact you directly?
        Look forward to connecting,


  2. heather, you must come over and cook with my kid and we can do a joint post on both sites! so fun. 🙂


  3. BulbreazyBlingBling

    looks like you ladies know both how to cook and how to party!


  4. Jenny

    These recipes and the food look amazing… You guys rock. And I can attest to Heather’s incredible feasts. Dinner is always a party if Heather’s around 🙂


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