Blended Bliss: Coconut Kale Smoothie

There’s a juice bar, oh excuse me, a “wellness” bar down the street from me here in Silverlake, LA that serves this smoothie. It’s the most creamy, delicious and quite frankly addictive blended drink I’ve ever tasted.  One hot summer afternoon on a post-yoga hydration hang, Anna introduced me to this sweet green mix of coconut and kale (yes, kale!). It was a point of no return. Once I had savored every last drop of the bright green concoction and was rudely and loudly slurping the remains of it through my straw, hoping that more coconut-kale smoothie would suddenly appear in the bottom of my plastic cup, I was hooked. How could something so delicious be so healthy too? And only blocks from my house?! But there’s one catch. My experience at said “wellness” bar goes something like this. When I approach the small store front I see a line of people out the door, any time of day (most people in this neighborhood don’t work nine-to-fives apparently). I decide, because the craving is so strong that I shall wait. Ten minutes later I’ve  made my way inside the building. The smell inside brings me back in time to the old-school food co-ops we would go to when I was kid in Vermont. It’s some combination of sweet, overly ripe apples, wheat-grass and carob chips (if they had a smell.)Everyone seems to know each other. Except me. I’m just there for my fix. The bearded guy  behind the counter is friendly, in fact he seems to be close friends with every single person standing in the line that only moves every ten minutes or so. He’s handing people shots of brightly colored liquids. For a split second I think I’m at tequila bar. Twenty minutes into my juice bar line, the pretty girl with I-just-rolled-out-of bed hipster hair,  ripped t-shirt, and the “I haven’t smiled since 2006” expression, asks me if I’ve been helped yet. At this point, feeling like a pathetic  juice-junky I order my coconut-kale smoothie. It’s $8.00, worth every penny and every second I spent awkwardly waiting in line for it.  But it finally occurred to me recently, I have a blender. I could make this at home!  The hardest part is opening the coconut. Be sure to blend it on high to get it as smooth as possible.



Coconut Kale Smoothie

  • 1 sweet young coconut
  • 2 cups kale, torn in to pieces
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/4 cup loosely packed pitted Mejool dates
  • handful of ice

Open the coconut and drain the water in to a bowl to reserve. Scoop out the white flesh from inside the coconut and place in a blender. Add the kale, coconut water, banana, dates and ice. Blend until smooth.


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One response to “Blended Bliss: Coconut Kale Smoothie

  1. skylar

    thank you!! this was amazing! finally i have a perfect green smoothie recipe.


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