Summer Treats: Maine “Steamers”

On the first night of my annual summer trip to the Maine seacoast, I received the warmest welcome back imaginable, a heaping plate of freshly caught “Steamers” and a dish of melted butter and broth to dip them in.  I don’t get to eat seafood like this but once a year, so by the time I came up for air from devouring these ocean treats, I had a pile of clam shells on my plate taller than my two-year-old nephew.

“I’m making up for lost time!” I shrugged, with a huge, buttery grin on my face.

This recipe is exactly how my cousin Ty (a true Mainer and cook extraordinaire) makes me steamers when I come to visit her. It’s a simple and elegant first course to any summer gathering.


Maine Steamers

  • 2 dozen fresh clams
  • 4 tablespoons melted buttter

Let steamers soak in a sink full of cold water for about 1/2 hour to completely free them of sand. Fill a large pot just enough to steam, about half way up. Steam them in the boiling water for 17 minutes. Clams will open when they are done. Remove clams from pot and reserve cooking liquid for dipping. Serve with with melted butter and broth for dipping.



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4 responses to “Summer Treats: Maine “Steamers”

  1. Ben looks very brave!
    Happy vacation!


  2. Yea! You are back! Looks great!! Miss you heather. Happy Summer!!


    • HP

      Happy Summer Steph! What have you been cooking up this summer? I miss you too!


      • I have been on a serious pasta kick. Anything with fresh tomatoes and garlic and a big shrimp “phase.” Jason and I are going to Paris next week and then to santorini so I wont be cooking for awhile. But if you know of any must eats in paris let me know. xoxo


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