Perfect Pantry: Garbanzo Beans

Item: Garbanzo beans (Also known as chickpeas)

Cost: Approx. $1.00 per 15 oz can

Found in: Grocery stores

Great for: Salads, Couscous, hummus, pasta dishes

If you’re a vegetarian, you probably already have these little guys in your pantry. And if you don’t, you should.  I have been asking my fellow home-cooks what they have in their pantries and everyone has been saying chickpeas. I’m (obviously) not a vegetarian, but I can’t even keep these in stock in my house. They are a fiber and protein rich addition all sorts of dishes.  I recently sauteed them with onions  and served them as a puree under seared scallops drizzled with chorizo oil. Of course, we all should always have some in stock to make hummus. The possibilities are endless. But the point is, get some and start cooking!





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5 responses to “Perfect Pantry: Garbanzo Beans

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  4. jeannie phisher

    i love garbanzo beans and i also love humus. i love the way Israeli people say CHUMUUUS. It’s so sexy. I wish I could make out with an Israeli guy and eat CHUMMUUSS all day long.


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