Perfect Pantry: Ground Cinnamon

Item: Ground Cinnamon

Cost: Approx. $2.50 for 2.5 ounces

Found in: Grocery stores

Great for: French toast, poached pears, cakes, and much more!

Sometimes, it’s important to stick to the basics. And after all, that’s what Perfect Pantry is all about: these are my thoughts on which basic items I think everyone who wants to cook should always have on hand. And to really get back to basics, I should mention that the first thing I ever started cooking as a kid was French toast. I grew up in Vermont, where it practically rains maple syrup, so anything to accompany it was always encouraged. In fact, my parents had arranged that rather than pay them money, the local farmer could take the hay from our field in exchange for 2 gallons of syrup. I loved eating French toast and by age 12 had made it enough times that I considered myself an expert on the subject. So wherever I’ve lived since then, if nothing else, I have cinnamon in my pantry to add to my French toast batter. Cinnamon is great for many other sweet and savory things. In fact, more than a dozen recipes on this blog call for it, so have some on hand in your perfect pantry.



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3 responses to “Perfect Pantry: Ground Cinnamon

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  2. I put cinnamon in everything. Chocolate dishes, baked stuff, and my coffee. I can’t live without it! xx


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