Perfect Pantry: Marcona Almonds

Item: Marcona Almonds

Cost: Approx. $5.00 per 80z bag.

Found in: Most grocery and fine food stores

Great for: Salads, roasted vegetables, party snacks, pesto, pre-dinner munchies

I love making seasonal salads that incorporate the best fruits of the season, cheeses and nuts. And my favorite nuts to use are Marcona almonds. This variety of almonds, which originated in Spain, are the A-listers of nuts in my opinion. They have a shorter and rounder shape than regular almonds. Their slighty sweeter flavor and more delicate texture is what makes them so special. I should also add, that they are traditionally sold after being slightly fried in oil. I’ve used them in several pesto and pasta dishes on this blog as well as a roasted winter squash dish for Thanksgiving last year with maple syrup and Marcona almonds that pretty much stole the show. I attribute the success of that dish to these little nuts. I highly recommend adding them to a roasted squash or root vegetable dish. Most recently, I’ve been using them in salads with arugula, grapes and Manchego cheese.  And the best part about cooking with these extraordinary nuts is that you get to nibble on them while you’re cooking. It’s a truly pleasurable experience. Be sure to have some on hand for your New Year’s Eve guests!

Happy New Year!



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