Perfect Pantry: White Truffle Oil

Item: White Truffle Oil

Cost: $20-$28 for 8-0z. bottle (depending on the brand and where you shop)

Great for: Pasta dishes, risottos, eggs, roasted potatoes

I know what you’re thinking. Another fancy-pants perfect pantry item? Let me explain. If you’ve ever tasted truffle mushrooms you know that they are in fact the most uniquely exquisite-tasting thing on the face of the earth. The first time I tasted one was at a favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant in New York on Second Ave called Frank’s. It was one of those places where you’d have to wait two hours for a table at 11pm on a Monday night. (I can say with all honesty that it was always worth it.) One night, while perusing the familiar menu of 10-dollar-or-so pasta dishes, the waiter mentioned that there was a special pasta served with black truffles. The price? Ten dollars per shaving. I’m sure I looked puzzled. “Wait, you charge per shaving?” I knew something was up…and that these little black slices of fungi must be amaaazing! They were. My life was never the same after that night of culinary pleasure.

Unfortunately truffles are VERY expensive. I looked up some websites in case you’re interested in ordering some. They’ll cost you about $1,600 per pound.  See, if you’re worried about your pantry getting too fancy, and by that I mean expensive, just remember that white truffle oil is actually the poor man’s alternative to truffle mushrooms. It packs an equally exciting punch, and a pasta or risotto drizzled with this secret weapon is sure to impress even the most fancy dinner guests. And just think about  how much money you’re saving!



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