Foodie Find: Abuelita Hot Chocolate

Photo courtesy of mexicangoodies10.

Item: Nestle Abuelita Hot Chocolate

Spotted in: Any Mexican grocery store. If they’re out of Abuelita, Ibarra hot chocolate will also do the trick.

Tastes like: Winter vacation.

Best used for: Making an occasion out of staying in. Book, blanket, and fireplace not included.

You know how hot chocolate never seems to be just right? It’s either fake-sweet like SwissMiss, which tastes best as an trashily amazing slopeside beverage, or too bitter like Dutch cocoa, which can taste, well, medicinal. But this chocolate is just right. Oh man is it good. Melt a few chunks into a pot of simmering milk, and you have yourself some perfect cocoa that is sinfully rich and just sweet enough. I like to add cinnamon to mine. (I have to credit friend Izaac for making a huge batch of hot chocolate at a movie night recently and completely converting me.)

Plus this chocolate can also be used for baking or making fondue. Score!

Buy it here.

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