Perfect Pantry: Fleur de Sel

Item:  Fleur de Sel

Cost: $10 for 4.4 oz container

Found in: Sur La Table and other specialty food stores

Great For: Sprinking atop roasted vegetables or sweet confections before serving.

Okay, I know this one sounds a little fancy-pants. But after all, isn’t that what we’re striving for here? Fancy food made easy? Traditional French Fleur de Sel is sea salt which is hand-harvested off the coast of Bretagne (Brittany, France).  Harvesters scrape only the top layer of the sea salt before it sinks to the bottom of large salt pans. This salt is special because the crystals are smaller so it dissolves faster than regular salt, making it the ideal type of salt to sprinkle atop food just before serving. So despite being a bit more pricey than regular salt, you will only need to use it sparingly as a lovely finishing touch to your kitchen masterpieces. In other words, a little bit goes a long way and the little jar you decide to invest in will last you a while. Plus, it looks so darn pretty on your shelf.





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