Foodie Find: Meat Thermometer

Item: Meat Thermometer

Spotted in: Any grocery store or superstore that has a “cooking stuff” aisle.

Tastes like: Your roasted chicken will never be overdone (or underdone) again.

Best used for: Perfect meat every time.

Do you cook meat? Then you need to get one of these. For a few dollars, this thermometer takes the guesswork out of knowing when your main course is absolutely perfect. Whether you’re making a weeknight dinner for yourself or gussying up an expensive cut for a special occasion, I bet you’d like it to be just right. No longer will you be operating on your turkey to see if it’s done! No longer will your chicken breasts bear slashes and gashes! No longer will you be playing Russian roulette with your filet mignon! Stick one of these on your holiday wish list and say goodbye to over- and under-cooking once and for all.

Buy it here.

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