Foodie Find: The Sriracha Cookbook

Item: The Sriracha Cookbook

Spotted in:

Tastes like: Hot has never been so delicious.

Best used for: Anything from brownies to bacon.

I learned about Sriracha, a.k.a. Rooster Sauce, at Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in New York. Then my Korean roommates always had it in stock, though it’s not traditionally Korean. Then I moved to Los Angeles and found out that everyone–everyone–had a bottle of this in their fridge. In fact, you can’t consider yourself prepared to feed guests unless you have a bottle of this stuff on hand at all times. I’ve watched friends raid other friend’s fridges looking expressly for Sriracha, then squeeze half a bottle onto every bite of a burrito. (Actually, you need to stock Sriracha and Tapatio to be fully prepared for guests in Los Angeles.) And now there is an entire cookbook dedicated to celebrating the myriad ways to use Sriracha sauce, even in desserts!

Buy it here.

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9 responses to “Foodie Find: The Sriracha Cookbook

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Viva la Sriracha!


  2. o.m.g. i’m so buying this book! i cannot get enough of hot and spicy.


  3. Charles

    The rooster strikes again! This one’s DEFINITELY going on my wish list.


  4. Good find. I love sriracha! Especially in Pho. Can you do a pho recipe? I am not sure if it is gluten free, but I would love that!! Well rice is gluten free right? So maybe it is. 🙂


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