Happy Thanksgiving from 3MBB!

We’ve had so much fun counting down to Thanksgiving with you. We can’t wait to hear about what you cooked, ate, and enjoyed this Thanksgiving!

But here at 3MBB, Thanksgiving is just a warm-up. We haven’t even eaten our turkey yet, and we’re already excited for the next round of holiday cooking. Look out for recipes for Cornish game hens, pumpkin cheesecake, and other seasonal dishes in the next few weeks!

We love hearing from you and we’re here to help. Whether you have a recipe you are bursting to share, a culinary question you need answered, or just had a wonderful or terrifying food encounter, please email us at threemorebigbites@gmail.com!

With best wishes,

Anna and Heather


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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving from 3MBB!

  1. Love your latest entries. My Thanksgiving triumphs were smashed potatoes, made yummy by our Creator who designed the Yukon gold potatoes I boiled and smashed with some soft goat cheese, a little cow butter, and some goat milk. Then baked.
    And my chocolate mousse (“le ne plus ultra mousse” by Craig Claiborne, a recipe I saved from the NY Times probably in the late 1970s…or 80s?). The chocolate waked up the crowd, who had returned to the table for dessert with triptophan on the tongue, every 3rd word.
    Take care — CE


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