Foodie Find: Guitar Flipper

Item: Guitar Spatula

Spotted in: Urban Outfitters

Tastes like: Pancakes, omelets, grilled cheeses, and really really big helpings of lasagna.

Best used for: Flipping out.

I wandered in to Urban Outfitters when I was on tour a few weeks ago just in case they had the odd amazing pair of cheap shoes and encountered this amazing flipper. It’s both extremely detailed and a very good flipper. (You can add that to the list of sentences I never thought I’d say.) I’m not usually one to buy random kitschy junk, but I happened to know someone who loves cooking and playing guitar. And I happened to know they needed a new spatula. And it happened to be their birthday. How often does that happen? Flipping genius.

Nothing says “Happy 33rd birthday!” like a guitar-shaped spatula. The best part is that Urban Outfitters is still selling it, so you can make your favorite musical cook’s wildest dreams come true.

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