Foodie Fail: Your Salad Spinner Will Never Be the Same

Item: Salad spinner

Spotted in: Most kitchens

Tastes like: It should taste like fresh ruffage. But we hear it’s been tasking like fresh undies.

Best used: In lieu of the spin cycle.

My friend and alert human, Alyce, reported on Facebook that she overheard a woman in New York gushing about how she never used her salad spinner for making salad anymore–only for drying her underwear. We at 3MBB can’t decide if, in the era of pre-washed and bagged greens, it’s a genius way to repurpose a cumbersome and dated manual appliance, or if that’s just gross. Do you spin your lettuce or simply pat it dry? Whichever it is, we bet that lady isn’t making a lot of salad.

Foodie Fails chronicles gross, artificial, and/or ill-conceived food-related creations that we have encountered. Submit YOUR Foodie Fails photo and description to for a chance to win a Foodie prize!


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