Foodie Find: Kirkland Farms Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Item: Kirkland Farms Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spotted in: Costco

Tastes like: The first time you heard the Beatles. I kid you not.

Best used for: Everything.

When I was a kid, the first thing I learned about the Costco was that you could buy Birkenstocks there on the cheap if your mom had a membership. The slide-on cork sandals were en vogue at the crunchy chamber-music camp that I went to in the Berkshires every summer. But now, as an adult making decisions about how and what to eat, and where to buy it, I look at Costco and I no longer think: Birkenstocks! (I’ve favored firmer footwear for about 16 years.) Instead, I see the quality of Costco’s company model, their goods, and their prices.

I’ve been using Costco’s in-house brand olive oil, Kirkland Farms Organic E.V.O.O., since I bought a membership in February. For organic E.V.O.O., their prices can’t be beat. But after reading this article on the UCDavis Olive Center study’s findings that most E.V.O.O. is not actually “extra virgin,” including Whole Foods’ 365 brand, I was tickled to find out that my good old Costco olive oil ranked among the highest performers in “extra virginity.” Or whatever it’s called. Maybe that’s why my Costco membership card looks like this:

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One response to “Foodie Find: Kirkland Farms Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Anna & Heather,

    Thanks for referring readers to my post on the recent extra virgin olive oil scandal. I am happy to have contributed any information that reinforces your decision to buy organic.

    Not having a Costco nearby, I have never actually tried Kirkland’s organic olive oil. It may be surprising to hear that of all the olive oils to pass UC Davis’s extra virgin crackdown, a Costco product was one of the survivors. It is encouraging that Costco has started selling so many organic products, and I look forward to checking out their aisles one of these days next time I am in one of their neighborhoods. Best wishes on your cooking blog, wish I had any better sense of cooking and could offer any tips.



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