Foodie Find: The Ultimate Online Shelf-Life Guide

Item: Online Shelf-Life Guide

Spotted in: The Internets (or is it the Inter-Webs?)

Tastes like: You’ll be eating that amazing leftover meatloaf that you froze four months ago, and enjoying it.

Best used for: Reminding us of the miracle of modern refrigeration.

I’m as guilty as the next person of using my freezer as a food-purgatory: a place where leftovers go not to die but to wait to die. It’s a place where things I think I’ll want later can quietly end their days without the embarrassment of growing mold as their time slowly passes. Then, one year later when I haven’t yet defrosted that pint of homemade barbecue sauce (which I only kept because it takes a long time and lots of ingredients to make barbecue sauce), I can find out if this arcane item should be resuscitated via a rack of ribs, or put to rest for good. Did I mention this indispensable shelf-life calculator is searchable online for free? Amazing.

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