Foodie Find: BOO!

Item: “BOO” Cookie Cutter

Spotted in: Crate & Barrel for $2.95 (buy it now for $1.50)

Tastes like: Butter cookies with orange icing.

Best used for: Scaring people who can read.

I’m a sucker for a good cookie cutter, and this one makes me want to make gluten-free shortbread cookies, like, NOW. Spotted in the “seasonal” section of Crate & Barrel, this little guy called to me and I had to post it, even after Halloween. But seriously, for $1.50, who cares if it sits in your drawer until next year’s Halloween parties and bake-offs roll around? Besides, maybe you’ll want to make cookies that say “BOB” or “BOOB” or “BOOBOO” between now and then. You never know.

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3 responses to “Foodie Find: BOO!

  1. hey foodies!

    saw this and thought of you:

    let me know if you try them!



  2. Anonymous

    any pics of the finished product? 🙂


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