Foodie Fails: Master of Disaster Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Item: “Master of Disaster” Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Spotted in: Bhs (British Home Stores), Isle of Wight, England

Tastes like: Plastic.Egg-celent” eggs and toast not included.

Best used for: Eating eggs… dangerously. And wasting toast.

Unless you’re James Bond (who, may I remind you, never eats anything aside from scotch, martinis, or beautiful women) breakfast is a profoundly un-dangerous ritual. Despite the HazMat-themed packaging and random addition of “Master of Disaster” on the label, this is a contraption that fails at making breakfast dangerous, and succeeds only in making it actually wasteful. And to finish things off, the shapes made by the toast-cutter look more, ahem, rude than like British Bobbies.

Foodie Fails chronicles gross, artificial, and/or ill-conceived food-related creations that we have encountered. Submit YOUR Foodie Fails photo and description to for a chance to win a Foodie prize!


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One response to “Foodie Fails: Master of Disaster Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

  1. Tess

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I grew up eating soft boiled eggs out of Peter Rabbit egg cups and toast “soldiers” like this, but never with element of disaster! How crazy creepy!


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