Foodie Finds: Cookie Cutters

Item: Drömmar Cookie Cutters

Spotted in: IKEA

Tastes like: Exactly like a butter knife.

Best used for: Impressing animal husbandry and shortbread cookie enthusiasts.

Some ideas should be kept as ideas. But the reality of these animal-shaped cookie cutters is so amazing that I thank my lucky stars some genius (possibly “Design Monika Mulder,” who is cited on the packaging?) transitioned these from concept to reality. I’m not sure these animals exactly make sense together — squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, stags, bear cubs, and, uh, snails — but who cares when every single one of them is brilliant!

Foodie Finds chronicles the amazing, clever, surprising, and delicious food-related creations that we have encountered. Submit YOUR Foodie Finds photo and description to for a chance to win a Foodie prize!

Just like in the picture!


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2 responses to “Foodie Finds: Cookie Cutters

  1. would you like to borrow my mom’s cookie press? or perhaps you would like to have it? CB


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