INTRODUCING Foodie Finds: Wine in a Cup

Item: Marks & Spencer “Le Froglet” Wine in a Cup

Spotted in: M&S Simply Food in the Liverpool Street Station in London, UK. We found the pink version in the M&S downstairs, too.

Tastes like: Wine. Isn’t that amazing?

Best used for: The sophisticated wino who won’t swig from a bottle. Or the spontaneous picnic.

What’s the best place for wine? In a cup, obviously! The sheer genius of being able to pick up a ready-to-drink glass of wine at the grocery store blew me away. At $5, the price is steep for a glass of wine when a whole bottle is only a dollar or two more (but then there’s the hassle of bottle, corkscrew, and glass), but is still cheap by restaurant prices. The wine itself is surprisingly decent, no better or worse than 2-Buck Chuck, and comes in three flavors: Red, White, and Rose. I wonder if restaurants will charge a corking fee for people carrying in these little guys?

Read more about them here.

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2 responses to “INTRODUCING Foodie Finds: Wine in a Cup

  1. Jax

    As a serious wine snob, I am a little skeptical…I will have to try it for myself!


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