INTRODUCING Foodie Fails: Chocovine

Item: Chocovine, a.k.a. creamy chocolate-flavored wine

Spotted in: Flying J truck stop in Montana, US

Tastes like: A fist-fight between red wine, instant chocolate pudding, and soap.

Best used for: Preserving dissected reptiles or small rodents.

I like chocolate, and I like wine. I mean, I am a lady, after all. And I also like finding amazing things to try on the road. But this grizzly swill, with an ingredient list containing “fine red wine,” cream, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and the happy warning that the product will stay fresh for SIX MONTHS after opening (what bottle of wine stays fresh for six months?), scared even me.

Foodie Fails chronicles gross, artificial, and/or ill-conceived food-related creations that we have encountered. Submit YOUR Foodie Fails photo and description to for a chance to win a Foodie prize!


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