Foodie Find: Cecina (or Bresaola), a.k.a. Thinly Sliced Cured Beef

We had a day off in Amsterdam, and in between the yoga studio and my uncle’s house, I ran across this treat in one of the many cheese and charcuterie markets that dot every street. Bresaola has a similar texture to prosciutto, but the flavor is less salty and more, I don’t know, delicate. I love prosciutto with a passion, but bresaola is a little more sophisticated. And tender. The little package of 4 slices that we bought barely lasted long enough for me to get a picture.

I’m going to come out with it: the cured meat and cheese in Europe is better than what we get in America. And less expensive. And you eat it for breakfast. What’s not to love?

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One response to “Foodie Find: Cecina (or Bresaola), a.k.a. Thinly Sliced Cured Beef

  1. fedeberckx

    As a vegetarian, I don’t know what prosciutto or bresaola tastes like, but I do love cheese and for this I am happy to be from Belgium. For some reason cheese from Belgium/France/the Netherlands is different (for me better) than anywhere else, but I have never been outside Europe.
    Cured cheese makes about every dish better, like a simple thing as tomato stuffed (with tofu) sweet pepper and lots of cheese, all you need is an oven for this.


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