Foodie Fail: A Spotty Tea Potty

Item: A toilet-shaped tea pot.

Spotted in: Selfridges (in London)

Tastes like: Thanks, I’ll have a coffee instead.

This item: Brings new meaning to the term, “a spot of tea.”

The band’s in London for a week, so I took a little stroll around Selfridges to try to find us an affordable coffeemaker. There were no single-cup coffee drips to be found in Selfridges (or anywhere in England I’ve been for that matter), but I sure found this unfortunate little terlet.  I’ve always labored under the impression that afternoon tea is a dignified and polite affair. But despite the fun gold detailing and the fussiness of the design, who wants to drink some warm brown liquid out of a piece of pottery like this one?

Here it is among all its less funny, but more appetizing friends…

Foodie Fails chronicles gross, artificial, and/or ill-conceived food-related creations that we have encountered. Submit YOUR Foodie Fails photo and description to for a chance to win a Foodie prize!

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5 responses to “Foodie Fail: A Spotty Tea Potty

  1. Son

    eee! Reminds of the crazy Taiwanese trend of curry served in mini toilets….>.>…..


  2. HP

    It’s a Pee Pot! Hilarious. Definitely a fail.


  3. Val

    That’s pretty funny! Those witty Brits…

    Been enjoying the blog, keep it up! It’s fun to read what’s found out there on the road. Looking forward to seeing you guys play next week here in LA too!


  4. jenny

    definitely a fail, but totally hilarious!


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