Foodie Find: Douwe Egberts Individual Coffee Filters

Item: Douwe Egberts Individual Coffee Filters (Reserve Blend)

Spotted in: UK grocery stores

Tastes like: A real cup of coffee!  I’m not even kidding!

Best used for: Making coffee on the road. And ruining the environment.

One of the biggest challenges of touring life is finding the perfect cup of coffee, especially in the UK. At home, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole with my coffee habits. I recognize that it’s a bit over-the-top to pour filtered water over freshly ground organic single-origin beans in my Chemex (first doing a short pour to let the coffee bloom, then a longer one to brew my cup) — then heat the mugs, pour the coffee, and add a dash of organic half and half. And if it’s a really slow morning, I’ll sit on my porch and hand-grind the beans instead of toss them in the grinder. It takes a while, but it’s sometimes nice to grind coffee the old-fashioned way. It’s even meditative. I’ve also experimented with paper filters and mesh filters, and come down firmly on the side of paper.

But hey, I make a mean cup.

I miss my (rather in-depth) morning ritual when I’m on the road. And while we live in an era when you can find a Starbucks around the corner from you anywhere in the world, it’s just not the same as brewing the perfect cup yourself, just the way you like it. So here’s my latest discovery for how to make coffee on a moving vehicle without beans, a grinder, a single-cup dripper, or even a French press, and it’s the Douwe Egberts individual coffee filters. While these little plastic contraptions are possibly the single most wasteful way to brew a cup — you throw away the entire thing (each of which holds a cups’ worth of grounds) after every cup — they are a very reliable way to get an almost-home-brewed cup. And I don’t do weak coffee.

All you need is one of these, a mug and the ubiquitous electric kettle, and you’re off and running. Plus at 2.37 GBP, you get ten of these filters for less than the price of one specialty coffee from Starbucks. Add 35p for a small container of whole milk and you’re set!

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