Foodie Find: Tapatio Doritos

Item: Tapatio Doritos

Spotted in: Your favorite gas station, corner store, or bodega.

Tastes like: Spicy, slightly tomato-flavored Doritos.

Best used for: Curing the munchies. Though like all Doritos, good luck quitting once you start eating them.

We have a very refined system for deciding if something is a Find or Fail: taste it. See, nutritionally, Doritos are an epic fail. They are carb-heavy and nutrient-light. They are loaded with artificial flavorings, salt, extract-of-this and solids-of-that, all brought together with a healthy dose of MSG. (Ever wondered why you can’t stop eating them and they make your mouth feel a little funny? MSG.) But when you’ve got the munchies and you want to misbehave a little, Doritos are a two-thumbs-up Find. I personally can put away a LOT of Cooler Ranch — excuse me, now Cool Ranch — Doritos, as I demonstrated my freshman year of college. This new flavor, with its Tapatio-inspired spice and slight tomato tang, was the perfect excuse to buy a bag. Because we had to try them for the blog, right? And as you can see, they didn’t even last long enough in the Foodie Find lab for me to get any photos of the chips themselves. Next time you feel like misbehaving a little, get a bag of these.

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9 responses to “Foodie Find: Tapatio Doritos

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  2. Eliza

    My boyfriend & I are addicted to these, we couldn’t believe how easy it was to sit there and eat a large amount. We looked in the back and said we need to top before we eat them all in one sitting lol. We’re both into health and treat ourselves to junk food once in a great while, but I told him we can’t buy these anymore due to their addictive spicy taste and the msg doesn’t help either lol


  3. Val

    Ok so I tried these apparently around the same time. I’m a hot sauce-a-holic, tapatio and sriracha my favorite condiments. When I tried the tapatio doritos, I actually forced myself to quit eating them because I could easily have eaten the entire large bag. So bad, yet so tasty. The braised short ribs I made that day weren’t as exciting after the dorito incident


  4. e

    Ive been eating these tasty doritos for years, and the best thing is that now I can get them without the chips being soggy. Frito Lays best idea to date…


  5. Charles Davis

    I’m a Tapatio fanatic, so I got the 411 on this GENIOUS invention via facebook (yes, Tapatio has a facebook page). It seems they’ve turned it into a two-pronged flavor attack and started making Tapatio Fritos, too. Go ahead…… Friend the man in the hat:!/tapatiohotsauce


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