Foodie Find: India’s Magic Masala Lays Potato Chips

Item: Lays India’s Magic Masala Potato Chips

Spotted in: A grocery store in Sri Lanka

Tastes like: A heavenly union of spicy masala curry and potato chips

Best used for: Note that this small bag is a “Share Pack.” So you better share ‘em.

It’s always fun to see what a household brand does to make their product appealing in another culture. (You should check out the Starbucks offerings in the UK. Why don’t they offer falafel in pita bread in the States?) But my favorite Foodie Find sleuth was just in Sri Lanka, and brought back these amazing Lays potato chips in India’s Magic Masala flavor. This is a seriously genius way to take good old American potato chips to another planet. Enough with hickory barbecue, sour cream and onion, and sea salt and vinegar: I want curry chips!

Next time you’re in Sri Lanka, pick up a bag of these.

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4 responses to “Foodie Find: India’s Magic Masala Lays Potato Chips

  1. Priya Sakala

    They are available in India too..!!


  2. Anonymous

    You can find these in Indian or Nepali stores here in Boston. They are my favorite and wish they came in a larger bag than a snack bag.


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